Friday, April 15, 2011

you should NOT be eating pork

It's been almost over 1 month since I stopped eating pork. I have this friend that makes me not want to eat pork. Take a look at him..
who would not stop eating pork after seeing this face, yeah? YEAH!

So, okay, seriously..
The reason why I stopped eating pork is that, I wanted to lose weight and inches. My plan really was to become a vegetarian which is pretty hard since I have been eating meats (pork, beef, chicken etc.) for 19 years now. So I decided to cut down one meat at a time. Among all of these red meats, pork is the least I like. I survived 1 month without eating pork but I'm not yet ready to the next level : BEEF. Not yet. 

I've searched the net to find out if people do really need to eat pork. I just found out that we shouldn't be eating pork. Here's why..

1). Pork is full of nasty parasites. The tapeworms found in pork are some of the most deadly. These tapeworms can travel to the brain and spread disease that could even kill a person. Some people have developed brain seizures and other health problems after eating pork. 

2). Pork is very fattening. Pork is one of the fattiest meats that you can consume. Eating pork continually will pack on the pounds much faster as compared with eating other lean meats like chicken and turkey. If you like bacon you're better off switching to turkey bacon as it is a healthier alternative.

3). God tells us not to eat pork in the bible. In the bible there is a list of unclean meats that you should avoid for health reasons. The passage can be found in (Leviticus 11:7-8).

4). Pig skin is very similar in composition to human skin. It is said that pork even tastes like human flesh because of their similar biology. Back in the Middle Ages there was a time with autopsies on humans were not allowed. Medical students had to use pigs to practice on. This was done because the anatomy of a pig also has many other similarities to humans.

5). Toxins. A pig's body contains many toxins because they are bottom dwellers meaning they eat food which is devoid of nutrition (pig slop). They eat the left over junk and some pigs eat their own feces. These animals store massive amounts of toxins in their fat, which is then passed on to you if you eat it.

6). Pigs live in filth. Pigs roll around and live their lives in filth, mud, and feces. Pigs are like garbage disposals eating up every nasty thing they can find. 

7). Influenza. Pigs carry a mutated influenza virus in their lungs which has been passed on to humans through consumption. 
These 7 reason I found in Associated content from yahoo.

FACTS why we should not be eating pork:
Did you know Pigs will eat anything including worms,rats, garbage, their own feeces and other pigs? Yes, its tue! and shortly after a pig has eaten "whatever", it then turns into meat on the pigs bones and this is the meat we eat; bacon,sausage,ham, salami, pork chops, etc.

The Center for Disease Control stated that well over 100 virus come from China to the Unites States each year through pigs! In fact, majority of flu viruses that we encounter come from the lungs of pigs. Also, pigs foster many other toxins that are concealed with diseases and contain worms. Pork is the main source of taenia solium tapeworm. This kind of bacteria spreads throught the body and goes undetected for years! The bacteria takes nutrients from our cells and encourage inflammation and decline within all tissues. This helps to make an enviornment within our bodies, contributory to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, acid reflux, fatigue and depression.

If this isn't enough to make you stop eating pork, let me leave you with one last fact: A retrovirus lives in all pork cells and this viruses lives through the heat that we cook in! so we eat our tasty meat ,and guess what goes inside our body? You got it, a retrovirus!

If you wanna read more on the article I've read, go click this.

YUCK RIGHT? This made me permanently stop eating pork. At first I was just dieting so I stopped eating pork. But after reading articles about pigs I decided to stop eating pork for good.  

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