Friday, February 18, 2011

how important is the Interpersonal skills at work.

Have you ever felt so bad mad about something that you just had to take a day off of to your work so you can just breathe some air, have some space and think why you've been caught up lately?

Lemme share to you what had happened to me today, but first I'll tell you a little idea of yesterday. Yesterday, my life was already at the rock bottom, where I don't care what will happen, I don't want to talk to anyone about anything. All I wanted to do was to have this very day alone to myself which I think is very much of a NEED rather than WANT. Of course, it is very unprofessional to leave your work without informing the management, right? But it just so happen that, honestly, I run out of way to inform the management earlier than my said duty for that day, hence, I was AWOL, though I informed my manager late afternoon. 

So here is today, I reported to work 30 minutes before my duty, feeling trying to be okay. Of course, I can't get away with my AWOL issue. I knew deep inside that I have to write an IR (Incident Report) explaining my Absence yesterday. I was sitting down fixing and preparing myself in our crew room just beside the office. My manager walked by going to her office and say.. (I'll quote it if you mind, do you?) "Jam, paki sagutan yung IVR mo ah". And I walk in the office and ask what she just said again although I've heard and understand it already. And so I walked out of the office and got my time card. I honestly don't want her to be one to sign my tome card yet I can't find our OIC. Hence, I went to her and let her sign mine. Of course, I am mad at her..I just walk in and walk out straight. What happened was so fast I couldn't remember. All I can remember was she was asking if I am mad. Then, I said no, she was trying to approach me for an close-door conversation and I just walked out of the crew room, away from her, away from anybody else who is in there. I cried my feeling out the the restaurant's restroom. It was humiliating, I can say.  

That very moment when I stepped in inside my work place, I don't need anyone to provoke and trigger my feelings.. to let me remind how awful I felt about my life right now. How heavy and hard my problem is. All I wanted was a nice approach from her, a consideration, a little sensitivity on her words to use after me. Cause that very moment in my life, I can say that I am very sensitive and holding up my feelings. Cause that very moment in my life, going to work was an escape as well to all my problem and hideous sad feeling. We ended up bad, she was just like pulling a trigger of a gun. 

She was a woman, like me. A mother and a wife like me, I expected so much affection and sensitivity regarding on this, yet she did not. And, I was very disappointed that we have don't have any relationship but a pure working relationship. Sometimes, for you to manage successfully, you have to have broad interpersonal skills, that of a skills that a person can interact with other people. Interpersonal skills involve using skills such as active listening and tone of voice. They include delegation yet have leadership. 

And that is what and how a Professional one reacts and acts.