Monday, May 30, 2011

For my hater

You're someone that is:
Sad and jealous. You don't have to go each night looking for someone to fuck with. All you gotta do is to grow up (don't tell me to grow up, I already did). Leave me alone. Go find a decent job so that you can afford the things you've been wanting and dreaming to have. So that you won't get jealous and end up being this online psycho-stalker. And if yes, my grammar was kind of messy then why do care so much? I know you're just looking for something that is bad and ugly on me but trust me, whatever you say doesn't make or destroy me. Diba nga, you make yourself perfect so that you can find a decent companion (bf/gf) that hopefully, will be your spouse. Diba nga, you made up yourself, make sure that you are always presentable, well-groomed and perfect for you to find a decent job, that'll make you save up for your future. Honey, I don't need to make yabang and impress people around me, what for? I'm happy and contented with who I am, who my husband is, my daughter, my in-laws, my family, my work, my friends, my social life. I don't need to make "yabang" (if you call it like that) to make people like me. People I have right now in my life are just enough for me to be happy. So I hope all goes well with you. Forget about your issues. Trust me, you'll be happy and contented. And when you do, trust me, you're not gonna care whatever people might say negative about you as long as you're happy, as long as the people who value you the most and the people you value the most are with you. 

I feel so mature blogging this. Can you just stay calm. Accept my advice. It'll not benefit me but you. I am not mad at you nor plastic to whoever you are. I've been into your situation were I think of something bad to a person who is not, were I judge someone on something that is never her/him. I understand you. Totoo, im not being sarcastic. So no sarcasm, cheers, doll! :-)

I am still open about you sending me messages via text or email. I'm waiting. So that if I really affect you in any bad way maybe we can do something about it. :-)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Facial products I am using

I've never used Garnier product before because I thought it was expensive but I was wrong. It was actually very affordable. So I've been using Garnier Brightening oil control scrub for almost a month now. My face gets oily most of the time specially during and after working since I am exposed to heat. I cook for living, btw. :-) 

I got this Garnier Brightening Oil Control Scrub in very affordable price (I seriously forgot). 

This is obviously for oily skin. It has Eucalyptus Extract + Micro-beads: A eucalyptus extract to exfoliate dead cells and remove oil and dirt instantly.

It actually works for me. My skin now is less oily than before and there were no visible black heads since the facial scrub should cleanse deep down my clogged pores.

..along with my Garnier Scrub I got this Garnier's Pore tightening astringent w/ mineral zinc that is anti-shine. Just perfect. This is what I wanted for my face. It tightens pores, dries imperfections and even skin complexion. 

I didn't get the moisturizer. I don't really need moisturizer cos my skin gets oily at the end of the day. But I make sure to cleanse it to avoid make-up and germs clogging my pores. 

When you're expose to heat, your pores open up and take all the oil, germs and bacteria that clogs pores and can cause your face to show up white and black heads. And don't forget about the zit. :-) 

*tip: Always wash your face to clean away dirt and oil. Moisturize when you need it. 

Each individual has its own skin type. Doesn't mean it works for me means it will work on your skin. I found a product for my face after using different kinds of facial product. It's trial and error at first. For oily skin and exposed to heat like me I recommend this Garnier products I use for my face. 

Take care, Garnier! :p

Monday, May 16, 2011


So today we went to a secret trip somewhere during the morning. (Haha, I just can't tell cos I just can't) 

First of, we had lunch at Kanin Club, Westgate. Click to view their Menu.
We had Seafood Kare-Kare paired with Aligue rice! Truly unhealthy and yummy! 
Seafood Kare-Kare.
It has prawns, mussels and squid rings with its rich peanut-y sauce that taste sooo good (trust me!) 
You'll definitely come back for more! It's actually my second time eating their Seafood Kare-Kare and I'm still looking forward eating it of course with the Aligue rice. 
The sinful Aligue rice.

The eating didn't stop there.. on our halfway eating the Seafood Kare-Kare and the Aligue rice, there the Beef callos came..
Beef Callos
I haven't took a picture but we actually ordered plain rice for this viand. 
Our plates and food end up like this. I know right. And it was just the three of us and each dish is good for 4 persons. And not to mention how annoying the guy/gay behind our table, he's just too noisy the whole time we were there!

After lunch, we went to some things we need to do and by night time we went out for a two buckets of Tanduay Ice. I felt so gay drinking tanduay ice with the boys. A night of undecided decisions. First plan was to go to Kyss bar in Makati for Junko's birthday (Hi Junko! If you're reading, happy birthday!) but since it was the three of us lang, we got lazy. Second plan was to just drink in Lighting Bar in BF homes. Didn't like the place so you know what's next.. Third plan, we head off to 19 east ( I hope I'm right) we were suppose to drink and watch a band there but yeah.. to cut this short we end up drinking gay's alco-pop un Cosa Nostra. It didn't disappoint me, really. It's a new place in Bf homes. Nice air-conditioned place where we can smoke while drinking. Hi mommy lhen! If you're reading you'll gonna love the place. :-)

No, it's not a monster. :p
Their menu.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

mother's day, after all

Just so you know, I had my 9am duty for work. I was expecting (actually, we) that it'll be a lazy and slow Sunday since the Manny Pacquiao- Mosley fight. But hell, no! There were little guests dining in during lunchtime but a lot of them were taking out the food, alot of them! Plus the deliveries and not to mention our busted POS that makes the peak day more complicated. It's not our ordinary Sunday - I understand that it would be a peak day since it's Sunday but the number of guests coming in and out of our store were super extraordinary. We didn't stop cooking and prepping all day. Our production was not enough, our stocks were emptied. Hence, I had to work overtime until 8pm and missed out the Mother's Day dinner held at Ninang's house. :-( 

Why. It was so peak and so busy. It's a Sunday, we usually have little number of guests when it's dinner time already. It was raining outside that it is hassle to go out of the house. Well, I guess, the people were treating their mothers. If only I have the time to treat my Mom out and celebrate Mother's day with her, I will. That is what happened today. People took their Mom out. 

Tired and sleep deprived... It's Mother's day, after all. :-)

She's Jane Laboriante - My mother. :-) and I love her even though I dont really tell her everyday. I know she knows that I value her the most. We had ups and downs (who doesn't anyway?) We had little and serious fight. I ran away from her before - literally and emotionally. But it wasn't her but me. But still, Mama accepts me whole-heartedly. Mama is the only one aside from Papa who gives me unconditional love. (no cheesy) I've given her lots of problem in the past yet I remain her favorite among my other sibling. HAHA. Kidding aside, I know she loved me after all. I'm her daughter, she's my mother. Now that I am a mother as well, mama never fail to give me advices and supports me all the way. I love her. <3 


Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 8, 2001

So what's gonna happen?

Here in Philippines we have two important reason to look forward on our May 8th this year 2011: Mother's Day and The Pacquiao-Mosley Fight! :-)

Too bad I couldn't watch the fight in pay per view nor big screen since I have work. (insert sad face) Haha. It's okay, actually. I am more on excited about my official Mother's day since the last year was a sort of Mother's Day cause I'm just 6months pregnant to Ashley. I got the opening shift hence, I'm gonna be out early to work and get to celebrate it with my little baby and family. 

Who do you think will win the fight?

How will I be spending my Mother's Day?

Wait for my next blog! :-) Tata! :-)