Sunday, May 8, 2011

mother's day, after all

Just so you know, I had my 9am duty for work. I was expecting (actually, we) that it'll be a lazy and slow Sunday since the Manny Pacquiao- Mosley fight. But hell, no! There were little guests dining in during lunchtime but a lot of them were taking out the food, alot of them! Plus the deliveries and not to mention our busted POS that makes the peak day more complicated. It's not our ordinary Sunday - I understand that it would be a peak day since it's Sunday but the number of guests coming in and out of our store were super extraordinary. We didn't stop cooking and prepping all day. Our production was not enough, our stocks were emptied. Hence, I had to work overtime until 8pm and missed out the Mother's Day dinner held at Ninang's house. :-( 

Why. It was so peak and so busy. It's a Sunday, we usually have little number of guests when it's dinner time already. It was raining outside that it is hassle to go out of the house. Well, I guess, the people were treating their mothers. If only I have the time to treat my Mom out and celebrate Mother's day with her, I will. That is what happened today. People took their Mom out. 

Tired and sleep deprived... It's Mother's day, after all. :-)

She's Jane Laboriante - My mother. :-) and I love her even though I dont really tell her everyday. I know she knows that I value her the most. We had ups and downs (who doesn't anyway?) We had little and serious fight. I ran away from her before - literally and emotionally. But it wasn't her but me. But still, Mama accepts me whole-heartedly. Mama is the only one aside from Papa who gives me unconditional love. (no cheesy) I've given her lots of problem in the past yet I remain her favorite among my other sibling. HAHA. Kidding aside, I know she loved me after all. I'm her daughter, she's my mother. Now that I am a mother as well, mama never fail to give me advices and supports me all the way. I love her. <3 


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