Thursday, May 26, 2011

Facial products I am using

I've never used Garnier product before because I thought it was expensive but I was wrong. It was actually very affordable. So I've been using Garnier Brightening oil control scrub for almost a month now. My face gets oily most of the time specially during and after working since I am exposed to heat. I cook for living, btw. :-) 

I got this Garnier Brightening Oil Control Scrub in very affordable price (I seriously forgot). 

This is obviously for oily skin. It has Eucalyptus Extract + Micro-beads: A eucalyptus extract to exfoliate dead cells and remove oil and dirt instantly.

It actually works for me. My skin now is less oily than before and there were no visible black heads since the facial scrub should cleanse deep down my clogged pores.

..along with my Garnier Scrub I got this Garnier's Pore tightening astringent w/ mineral zinc that is anti-shine. Just perfect. This is what I wanted for my face. It tightens pores, dries imperfections and even skin complexion. 

I didn't get the moisturizer. I don't really need moisturizer cos my skin gets oily at the end of the day. But I make sure to cleanse it to avoid make-up and germs clogging my pores. 

When you're expose to heat, your pores open up and take all the oil, germs and bacteria that clogs pores and can cause your face to show up white and black heads. And don't forget about the zit. :-) 

*tip: Always wash your face to clean away dirt and oil. Moisturize when you need it. 

Each individual has its own skin type. Doesn't mean it works for me means it will work on your skin. I found a product for my face after using different kinds of facial product. It's trial and error at first. For oily skin and exposed to heat like me I recommend this Garnier products I use for my face. 

Take care, Garnier! :p

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