Monday, May 30, 2011

For my hater

You're someone that is:
Sad and jealous. You don't have to go each night looking for someone to fuck with. All you gotta do is to grow up (don't tell me to grow up, I already did). Leave me alone. Go find a decent job so that you can afford the things you've been wanting and dreaming to have. So that you won't get jealous and end up being this online psycho-stalker. And if yes, my grammar was kind of messy then why do care so much? I know you're just looking for something that is bad and ugly on me but trust me, whatever you say doesn't make or destroy me. Diba nga, you make yourself perfect so that you can find a decent companion (bf/gf) that hopefully, will be your spouse. Diba nga, you made up yourself, make sure that you are always presentable, well-groomed and perfect for you to find a decent job, that'll make you save up for your future. Honey, I don't need to make yabang and impress people around me, what for? I'm happy and contented with who I am, who my husband is, my daughter, my in-laws, my family, my work, my friends, my social life. I don't need to make "yabang" (if you call it like that) to make people like me. People I have right now in my life are just enough for me to be happy. So I hope all goes well with you. Forget about your issues. Trust me, you'll be happy and contented. And when you do, trust me, you're not gonna care whatever people might say negative about you as long as you're happy, as long as the people who value you the most and the people you value the most are with you. 

I feel so mature blogging this. Can you just stay calm. Accept my advice. It'll not benefit me but you. I am not mad at you nor plastic to whoever you are. I've been into your situation were I think of something bad to a person who is not, were I judge someone on something that is never her/him. I understand you. Totoo, im not being sarcastic. So no sarcasm, cheers, doll! :-)

I am still open about you sending me messages via text or email. I'm waiting. So that if I really affect you in any bad way maybe we can do something about it. :-)

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