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2010 Summary

First Out of Town for the year 2010
PAGUDPUD (january 2010)

This trip was my first long-drive trip ever. 10 hours going to Pagudpud and another 13 hours going home. The weather was cold and misty. We arrived Kapuluan Resort at 3am so the place seem to be scary and dark. But hey, we got discount from the resort. Lol. Sand was fine and white :-) Just like bora. passed by Vigan before going home. Had an foursome awesome experience with them!!! 
Drinking by the the beach side. The weather was pretty cold. So as you can see we were on our jackets/long sleeves.
Just so better when we're together. 
Making kulits around Pagudpud and Vigan.

First Glance to Baby Ashley 
Just for you guys to know, I happened to be 3 mos pregnant during our Pagudpod trip and I felt so lucky about it cos of my very normal and unpreggy feeling. No morning sickness and never craved for anything weird. Just always hungry! :-) Haha. Day after we got back from Pagudpud, I had my P.T done. I'm pregnant. Here are some of the first picture of my ultrasound. ;-)

 3mos old. our first time to see her inside my tummy :-)
 had my test after we got back from Pagudpud
isn't it so cute and amazing to know that there is a life inside you?
March 4, 2010
My Wedding Day
Date:March 04, 2010
Church: Presentation of the Child Jesus
Motif: RED  ♥
I was never nervous on something until my wedding day. These photos best describes happiness. :D
happy, simple and humble.
just the way we like our wedding. 
with our few and closest friends
 and Family! 


July 26, 2010
The Birth of Ashley Gail L. Pineda
Born: July 26, 2010
Time: 7:30am
@ Asian Hospital
OB: DR. Niza Reyes
almost 7hours inside Labor rm. Ashley weighs 4lbs, quite small. The time she was crying was the time I fell asleep from all the anesthesias and been tired for how many hours.. labor, I can say was the longest hour of my life yet the most memorable and happiest one. 
she weighs 2.074k only. but she's indeed a healthy baby! :-)
 Our First Family Picture
First Picture with daddyloves
First meeting&meeting consciously with Ashley :-)
about to go home.
Welcome home photo! :D


Ashley Gail's Baptism
August 29, 2010
Baptized by Fr.Rolly. The same priest of our wedding. He's a family friend! :-)
 Ninong Billy & Ninang "lola" Lhen. LOL.
@the reception

Archie got a script tattoo on his left wrist "Ashley"
September 14, 2010

Adee's 5th Birthday
Celebrated Adee's 5th Birthday in Southplains, Cavite. Cute cake and good food. 
Happy Birthday!!


Trick or Treat?
Ninong Ben's Birthday Eve
Treats for the kids.
 Ninong Ben's Cake and Cupcakes! :-)


Palawan November 2010

Stayed in our friend's Resort (mountain's Bay touch) 
Went to Palengke on our first night and had dinner!!! Seafoodsss. :-D Touched down Palawan at 4pm instead of 2pm. our flight got delayed and all and all. so, yeah.. dinner na lang. 
Memsyballs and Andrei arrived. We went island hopping on our 2nd day! ;-) the weather was so hot. We did snorkling and fed the fishes!

Underground river. 4th Day.the five of us lang..  the Zamoranus stayed in the resort. Our boatman was hilarious. Hahaha! it's kinda scary inside yet it's pretty amazing under there.

inside our "safari" van. -andrei's looking for his cellphone. hahaha.
Underground river already!

Mommy - takot maubusan ng yosi. :p
My Birthday cake and huge candle! THANKS :)

today's my birthday and we celebrated it by having a city tour that day. We first went to Penal farm, chat with some prisoners and bought some pasalubongs. That day was raining so we had to stop over Leslie's and eat lunch. We went off to Crocodile farm after having lunch then our last stop was the vietnam village.

5th day - back to Manila day. Stopped over at this resto (I forgot) while waiting for our flight!

Teddy's First Plane Ride ever!!! He's happy. yah?


 Archie's Post Birthday Celebration
Plan was actually to drink lang. Because that day happened to so tiring for me since I got up so early for a seminar/orientation in Amici, Don Bosco. But We ended up clubbing at Kyss bar, A-venue. turned out to be hella fun. But guess who's spoiling the night...mommy lhen!

I got a job!

Oh hey, let us all go back a few weeks..
On our last day in Palawan, someone called me from Amici Company's HR Department. (Ma'am Jackie)
So, I had my interview at Amici, Don Bosco the day after we got back from Palawan.
I got the job!!! I started last November 17.

This photo was taken during our and my first Thanksgiving party. (twas 2011 though)
Haven't had pictures of us at work but some of them were my workmates while some were assigned in a diff branch of Amici. :-)



Ashley at her father side of the family's annual gift giving just before Christmas eve.

Ashley w/ her Ninang O. (Actually her lola but refuses to be called "lola") :-)

and with her Lolo.

 The kids! :-) and the guy over there wearing the 24hours shirt of Shakey's is my husband. :-)

Since this year we got married means we are going to attend two Christmas celebration.
Let's go take a look at our Noche Buena in Hilsborough

The kids were just adorable, specially when it's Christmas. Is it the reason why they do get a lot of Christmas presents compare to us adults? Hehe.

Dinner. I actually forgot what we had for Noche buena. But I always remember eating at Ninang V's house yummy and indeed tastes good food! ALWAYS! :-)

I hope she's awake but.. she's not. Hehe.

Most of the gifts that you can see were gifts of Ashley. Isn't it why her daddy is sad? (insert wink) 

And then Christmas lunch..
Add caption

Santa Baby!

Archie and I with Ninang Venus.

Waiting for the LECHON!!!

Lunch, everyone! :-)

And then we went ahead to Cavite for another Christmas lunch and presents, too! ;)
all ready to pose except Ashley. Hehe.

Santa Baby, Indeed!
Playing time with her Mumsy 
My hair is abnormally dry here and Ashley's too sleepy, I guess.

a little kulitan with the family. :-)
daddyloves and ashley patiently waiting for their gifts.
I'm looking, she's not.
she is looking and I'm not. HAHA!
Gift giving are always FUN! Specially when it comes to hiding Adee and Alyssa's gift. Fun part!

I am very very very thankful for my 2010 experience. Almost everything that happened to me will be treasured and will be permanent. I am happy that finally my life has direction and reason. So thankful to God that he has given me Ashley and my Marriage, for Archie and a job that will mold me and make me. This year serves as my stepping stone to all more years to come with my family and my new little family and career. Not to mention Archie being blessed as a regular employed manager. 

This year of 2010 I can say that.. God planned this for me, God blessed me this year, God put everything in places and everything is falling into A good place. 

Looking forward for 2011! 


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