Thursday, April 28, 2011

thing inside my head.. at the moment.

Tonight I'm gonna share things stock inside my head for weeks now up until today. These are something about my goals, my plans, my wants and my work. :-)

1.) Time
I do not actually know how can I divide my time for Ashley, Archie, my sleep, my time for myself doing stuffs I wanted to do to myself and for myself. Obviously, I've been busy working. So there goes me thinking of..

2.) Money
I have to work hard as much as I wanted to own my time, yet, I can't cos I have to earn money for the future of my little family, although my husband's working, we have bills, milk, pampers, monthly check-up, and other necessities. Not to mention that I'm a little spender on things I saw and I want. And for a plan of Archie and Mine to open up again a business..

3.) Opening up a new business
After Amigo's Taqueria, I haven't thought of opening a restaurant again until Archie talks about it. He wanted to save and open up for a new business -in the food industry again. 

4.) Ashley's 1st Birthday
My problem really was the concept, the venue, the food and of course other party stuffs. It's really a big of a deal for me to organized it thoroughly.

5.) Work
I happened to think somehow somewhere last week if whether I should quit my job and look for another job where I can feel that my career as a culinary graduate will grow. Am I after the position and title or am I being practical? There will come a time where I get sideline works to cater for a minimum of 20pax, sideline works are always good and helpful. But, it is a once in a blue moon situation. Hence, I decided to stay in my current job. In no particular reason or maybe I don't wanna hassle myself. 

6.) Sports/Workout
I've been pigging out a lot and I don't want my size right now. They say I lose but I'm not contented at all. I am losing ever since I omit pork in my daily diet. But then I am not fit. Losing pounds doesn't mean you are well fit. I'm planning to jog around the village for a start. Quit drinking softdrinks and lessen eating anything that is white (trust me, they are the evil ones) rice, bread and pastas. Then gym, I'm planning to enroll and I'm planning to get involve in any kind of sports, I gotta make time.

7.) Getting myself a diary/organizer
More like a journal notebook where I could put and set my plans and goals in black and white. And look back at it every time so that I could track down whether I am achieving all whatever I need to achieve and see if whatever is written in there will be done or will remain as a plan. I advise every people to write down everything they want someday, their goal, their wants and dreams. <3

And the very last thing in my mind is that..'s 12:33am and I need to sleep and wake-up for my 9am duty. Tomorrow would be the launching of our new products in Amici - ATC (you gotta visit our branch), additional dish, additional production and procedure. Best of luck to my team! 

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