Sunday, April 17, 2011

what keeps me sane and controlled

The secret to a happy life and always winning? Like how I am yesterday, today and always will be. :-)

1. Always be firm on whatever you say.
If you can't stick to your words, then better have your mouth zipped. I am always a go for the goal-no backing out attitude. So once I said some things no matter how the consequences may be, I will never take it back, never! Because if not people around you will think you're easy, that you can't stick with just one word and then eventually they will start not to believe in you.

e.g Lets say.. Ashley's a grown baby already. It's her bedtime in a little while and she insists to have ice cream. Of course I can't just let her because she's going to be this hyper before bedtime and possible thing can happen is that she can't go to sleep and ruin her bedtime. So I will say "NO". She might start to cry and begged. What will you guys do? Pity her and spoil her by giving what she wants just because she cried? Of course you can NOT! The next time it'll happen again and I said "NO".. she'll think that mommy's gonna change her mind cos mommy can't stand firm on her own words. - little explanation, I hope you get my point.

2. Do thing to impress no one but yourself.
Many among you tend to be so weird to impress people you hate. Impress people you know will not appreciate even a single thing of your efforts? Isn't it much more easier, much more fulfilling if you did something that makes yourself proud of you? A self achievement. This is a little of being egoistic. Just a little. Cause guess what's next if you failed to impress people or you did your best and you still fail according to their eyes? You'll feel awful and depressed, right? That after everything you've done it is still not enough for them. So why not care so much on others opinion and start to satisfy yourself with what is the best you can do. Why not think of this way: They are just dumb to realize you did something perfectly. They can't see it because even them haven't done it the way they expecting it to be. Why don't you just let them worry on things, don't get yourself too affected. You will always end up pissed and disappointed.

3. People might judge your attitude. Destroy your character. Change you.
Never ever let people down you, never let them say what kind of a person you're going to be. If they say I am a foul-mouthed creature then who cares? You can choose between the two: a person who compliments nothing but good things about you but isn't the real thing? or a person who speaks the harsh word and truth that can help you change and develop yourself? You cannot give your sympathy in a blink of an eye just because you've seen so. There is always a two version of stories in one issue. You have your own brain, you have your own feeling that ONLY YOU can manipulate.

Bottom line: Stand on your feet. Decide with your own thinking. Look back and always learn from people who puts you down, they're your best-est mentor in life. Be independent. And lastly and most importantly (well, atleast for me) . Never ever let a person's comment and judges pull you down instead let it serve as an inspiration to stand up. The less you care what other may think, the less you'll get affected and the happier your life can be. :-)Be Confident. People can always sense confidence and will get shy and hesitant to put you down. Intimidate them. Trust me they will get intimidated by you. Good luck and Work the skills.

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