Saturday, April 16, 2011

second tat ♥

Two weeks ago, I was thinking of getting my second tattoo done. But I was so confused to what design I am having.. I have so much ideas in my head, so much ideas from the internet and so much ideas people suggests. I CAN'T CHOOSE. This made me feel bad that I can't have one just because I am not a 100% percent sure. Aside from that, I can't decide as well on where to put it. 

My first tattoo means "no worries" - it's an african symbol of Hakuna matata

My second tattoo idea would be something like: (in no particular order)
Design - Birds and feather. An owl. Peacock feather. Ambigram of ashley and archie's name. A peace, love and happiness symbol.
Body Part - Foot. Ankle. Behind my ear. Wrist. 

I don't wanna post sample pictures yet. Who would want a similar tattoo to anyone? well at the least you can do is to avoid it so that there are only few of them who has the same, right?

HELP ME DECIDE!! I'm itching, seriously itching to get one. 

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  1. My 1st is same symbol. Love flowers, too. So paired it with native African species (calla lily) that also held personal meaning. R ankle. I LOVE IT!
    Good luck.