Friday, April 15, 2011

Leaving for a while

Oh, no people.. I am not leaving. :-) So today's the last day of Ate Phine - my co-worker in Amici. She's an expo. Some call it a dispatcher. So I'm guessing I can take over dispatching orders while she's on leave. She's 34 weeks pregnant and I'm excited for her. :-) - giving birth anytime soon so she has to leave. I'm gonna miss yelling to our servers with her and of course our food tripping. So anyway, I don't think she deserve to get a blog from me since she deleted the video I took a while ago where Benjie and I sprayed lots of water to her. HAHA.
So, yeah.. tata! :-)

Tomorrow is a Saturday. And I loooooooove Saturdays (no, i'm being sarcastic) It's a peak day.. a non-stop cooking, back up-ing day. K. Best of luck and Best effort it is! :-)

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