Sunday, April 17, 2011

Formspring account

Ever since I changed the setting of my Formspring account into a private view, no one seem to ask me stupid question and for some reason it bores me to death. I am thinking of deactivating/disabling my account since it does NOT entertain me at all like how it does before. HAHA. 

A really proof and proven fact that people who hates me can't say what they wanna say straight to my god damn hypnotizing face how they're loathing. I don't understand why some people, yes SOME, tend to find their own little petty way to hate me. I am the nicest person I've have met if I am not me. You can like ask my very best friend for 3 years now or 4 years? and counting how adorable and warm and kind and sweet and funny and happy I am to be with. -Hi bessy! if you're reading :-)

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