Wednesday, April 13, 2011

mommy-daughter day

so basically, this is what happened to my today..

10:30ish I was up already (I slept 5am) thinking that I can oversleep for the day since it was my day off to work but then, mommy duties. Archie got home from his graveyard shift that makes him not that included on this blog I am making because all he did was to sleep (I understand, he's up all night till 10am)

So the day goes like this: Woke up. Check on Ashley. I log on to my twitter account and tweet. Give Ashley a bath. We had lunch. I put her to her afternoon sleep. She woke up and we watched Playhouse Disney channel. She drank her milk - half of it. Then we she tried out her new mini inflatable pool.

Cute, right? :-) Then after that she went to sleep again. Then by the time she's up again, we watched the usual. Fed her, again. Brought her Ninong Mari to his training then played again. Give her a bath and put her to her PJ's. So that's it.. My mommy duties it is. I am missing her everyday. I am always tired and busy at work. So I really make the most of those times like this. 

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