Monday, April 25, 2011

holy week, spent like this

Wednesday I was off from work already until Friday. Something that made me feel that I just had my life back - Archie and Ashley, my Family, my me-time, long-time showers, decent meals and of course Fun! (not that I say it isn't fun at work) 

her "up hands" photo :-)

lolo-apo moment! :p

lola-apo moment

Army Navy with Mumsy, Papcy and Ashley  for our late lunch. Went to my parents' house and Ashley slept over until Easter Sunday while I slept there overnight cos Archie and I has this overnight out of town trip with our friends.

meet my sister (older)

ross & kaye 

gay lovers :-)

Also, I get to spend time with my sister and bessy, ross and ramona. We had pizza and gelato for snack that afternoon and a little booze in Cable car with an additional company - kaye (ross' girlfriend), Andrei and Bene.

Out of town with the usuals - mommy lhen, andrei, archie, bessy and bene. We went to somewhere different this time, a place where it is kinda quiet. City of springs. Sucha nice place where we got the suite - the one with a hot spring pool inside of your room. Sounds great, yeah? Yeah! 


andrei - enjoying my dress

tweenie pie mickey mouse twins

we're trying to take off his undies ahahaha

oh look! butt floating, lels!!

Such a fun to look at. :D

Black Saturday
HOORAY!! It's double pay! Ahaha. Hence, I'm back to work and back to Reality! 

what the..
taken by: lovely

potato chips or ...? HAHAHAHA
taken by: levely

taken by: lovely (la vegetariana pizza)

taken by: lovely

taken by: lovely

Hope you guys had an awesome and productive Holy week. No meat and less eating. Looking forward to Easter Sunday.
Remember: Holy week isn't an escape from work, from duties and your responsibilities. It is actually stopping to your busy life to commemorate and remember that God Saves Us! Although I wasn't able to do the Visita Iglesia, I am sure I commemorate God's good deeds in my own little way. 

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