Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Feels like the day is so much faster than hour lately. So I thought I shall make the most of it and take advantage of the time where the possibility of spending time with my family, husband and Ashley can happen.

Today is her 5th session in Gymboree. Though I didn't took pictures at Gymboree today, they have a new teacher which I don't know if she would be their permanent teacher. They did sang, dance, climb up the stairs, jumped, walk through a bridge, popped some bubbles and pushed the air log. And as usual, we had fun!!!

It was kind of a Tuesday's ritual to be with my parents and sister, spending time with Ashley and bringing her somewhere she can extend playing after her Gymboree class. Her Grandparents' arrived Gymboree in the middle of her class to fetched us and grab some snacks somewhere.
She loves playing with bubbles
missing to make a bubbles cause she's too excited to blow.

But this! TADA! :-)

We head off to Festival and ate at Kenny Roger's. (I missed Kenny!) It was Ashley's second time dining at Kenny Roger's and her Second time as well to play in the mall. The first one was in Timezone 

and now, Pixie Forest. (If I'm not mistaken) 
She was kinda refusing at first on trying out the airplanes, cars and the swing but she did enjoy it when she has someone with her.
Hence, her Dora doll!
It was hard cause rides are for toddlers and no one is able to fit the sizes. Hahaha! But My sister is an exception. LOL. 

SEE? :p

I was pass 5pm and Ashley is starting to throw fits so we decided to call it a day. She didn't nap, that's why. But before that, I took this shot first cos I find it cute! :-) I'm glad she agreed to pose with this after her mamsy and ninang posed first.

Her fairy photo. :-)

That's all for now! Thanks for reading.
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