Monday, October 17, 2011

Pet peeve for the month of October

As I've blogged before about my biggest pet peeve for Plastic people, I have now found a new biggest pet peeve yet called "the incompetent others"

I haven't blog anything that is happening about work now cause there's so much to talk about and I don't know where to start and I don't know if I do have to blog about those shits. But to cut the story short and talk about my work, I am very very and sincerely tired physically and figuratively in all aspects. From scheduling, break time,  co-workers, dealing with the kind of people whom I consider belong to my first pet peeve blog and all. Tired of all the dramas, tired of all the being so famous cause of the things I've never done my whole life, tired from non-stop working and exerting unappreciated, unseen efforts and hard works. Tired from thinking and feeling who the real people are, trying and taking chances to understand why some people like that exists. I'm tired dealing with all the dramas and falseness.

If you are now puzzled why these issues are being revealed just now, to tell you now as well, we just lost 4 employees in a month span. How can that be so possible? That 4 staffs were the kind of a "yes, maam. yes, sir" kind of people. And since 2 employees out of the 4 employees were from back of the house. Some should make an adjustment, that's us! It was so hard and tiring to work where you were the only one who exert effort, only one who does the job at it's best and care the most. How could an 8 staffs inside the kitchen can produce 100,000 + sales a day during weekend? That is obviously insane and lack of manpower.

So why is that? I now thought of I should probably be the next, despite of all the hard work and efforts, someone would somehow, someday will surely look at the lamest thing you've done and turn it into a big issue that'll cause you to keep away from the job. If you know what I mean. Keep away from their hidden business/agenda. Something wrong is happening here. So wrong.

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