Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vacation Leave Summary

I was not really planning to file a 1 week leave from work last September25-October1st, how I wanted to get off from work when my birthday comes in November. Hahaha! But since it's my Lola's 80th Birthday and I was assigned by the family to cook for her birthday, I had to do so. 

September 26th - Bahay Kalinga
This year, my Lola decided to spend her pre-celebration in Bahay Kalinga with the 100 lolo and lolas. So I spent my first day of leave gathering all the equipment, tools and ingredients I need for cooking. First thing in the morning, we visited Ashley
too bad, Ashley's having siesta when we arrived.

I gave her her dora doll her daddy bought for her.

then we went straight to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients. 

We serve them Chinese-style Adobo -it is similar to filipino adobo with just an extra fragrant of star anise- and Lumpiang Togue. 

Here are some pictures in Bahay Kalinga...

 We had Japanese Food for lunch that day after doing grocery shopping. Please check my blog about the Japanese food.

September 28 - Lola's Birthday (her official) at Max's
It was raining hard cause of the typhoon the day before Lola's actual birthday, but still the family cannot be stopped by the rain. It wasn't raining that hard that day. We just had a simple lunch for Lola in Max's Restaurant, Robinson's Manila. The mall was hot, walang aircon eh!  hahaha. The mall was just using generator for the lights. There were even no escalator and elevator functioning. Such a hassle bringing Ashley's stroller all the way down and up the escalator. Lol! 

Someone's eye-ing to play with the cake

my sister and brother - enjoying their crispy pata!

please excuse the blurry photo. I guess the cam was not set to auto focus. hehehe

Tita Wena's Part I - Slicing of the cake

went to Roxas Blvd to visit and take a look at the place for lola's birthday.

Ashley giving her ninang a Hi-five while daddy's kind of struggling with their position. hahaha!

This is our "up hands" pose! :D


These bell peppers was the hardest one and needs to be prepared thoroughly. 
First step is to simply grill the bell peppers. These are roughly 3 inches long only which made it harder to prepare. I grilled 200 of these.

Once grilled, you let it cool of course then you have to peel its skin. After doing so you have to make a small slit to each peppers, just enough for you to take their seeds without ruining its shape. After that procedure, you stuffed the pepper with taco-beef. Chill it for few hours and do 3 basic breading procedure: Flour, Egg and Breadcrumbs. Then chill or store until it is set, then that is time you'll deep fry them peppers. :-) I know, right. Difficult. 

gonna be look like this. :-)

loads of tomatoes and onions!!!

And for the last highlight of my vacation leave, Lola's birthday celebration with family and friends!!! This year's her 80th and my Tita decided to have a Mexican Feast themed party for lola. My husband and I were up early in the morning even though the party starts at 7pm. We were finishing preparing foods and cooking. At 4pm we started the buffet set-up and set-up for tables and chairs. 

Grilling Skewers!

Setting up tables and chairs

Archie, my husband and Mikee, my cousin - doing some final touch w/ the foods.

My sister was in-charge of the decorations.

Done already. Waiting for the centerpieces.

buffet set-up

My Mexican Menu for my Lola's Birthday


Beef Taco Salad - 

Pepper Rellenos - Bell pepper stuffed with taco beef and cheese

Cheese Quesadilla - Tortilla flour stuffed with ranchero sauce, lettuce, salsa and cheddar cheese.

Main Course:

Chicken Enchilada - Layered Tortilla flour, Enchilada sauce, grilled chicken, sauteed onions and cheese. Topped with cheese sauce, sour cream and grated cheese.

Chili Beans - Red beans and Chorizo with ground beef in thick chili-tomato sauce

Filete de pescado - Crispy cream dory fish marinated in spices and topped with pomodoro sauce.

Chicken Jalapeno - Grilled Chicken fillet marinated in jalapenos and cilantro. 

Amigo's style chicken skewers - Chicken cubes marinated in our special adobo rub paired with tomato and red onion. 

Mexican Red Rice - Rice sauteed in our Pomodoro sauce.

Lola and her Mexican Birthday Cake from Aggy's sweets and bakeshop.

Here are some pictures of family and friends...

from left to right: My sister Jaz, Jay, My husband Archie and Me.

from left top to right: Papa, Me, Renz, Jaz, Tito Evan, Tita Wena, Adee and Ethan.

Amigos and Amigas!

Tita wena, went home from states to make this event  happen! :-)

Cousins! :-)

It can never be a feast without Lechon

Lola and Ashley matching gold outfits. hahaha

Relatives with the celebrant

they keep on coming back for more. eh. :p

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Moving on, I have 1 day left til I'm back to reality. Saturday, we went to Kowloon House in Q.C to attend Archie's nephew's dedication. We also went to Folks' house to pick up some pots we left at the party and to check out Papa's new baby!!!

Lack of sleep photo. Hahaha!

gloomy weather makes ashley sleepy and well behave


Sleepy driver

Papa's baby

It was indeed a fully-booked vacation leave. I didn't even felt being relaxed the whole leave. Hahaha! Went back to work on a Sunday - another peak day and busy day for me. No time to rest and relax. Hayayayays! Anyways, That's it for now! xx 

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Hugs and xx! 

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