Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I am running out of inspiration or subject for blogging. Aside from Ashley and what I did for the past few days, what I ate and where I spent my days, I have nothing to talk about. I guess I am changing my blog title from "Virtual Journal" to "Virtual Scrapbook" eh? But I bet sooner or later after doing that I will change it again. 

I find writing and blogging calming. It calms me every time I write and so much easier when I type. And I miss the scenario where I click on my google chrome's 'open new tab button' and go click and open my, hit the 'new post' and just type and the words and thoughts were like flowing and flowing so easily. I just missed it.

The time I got a nice subject for you guys, my readers, my followers and random online searchers could learn something good from me not only just scrolling and scanning photos from my blog. :-)

Hope It'll be that soon! 

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