Thursday, September 8, 2011


I have the biggest pet peeve with people who can't say shit straight to your face and 
yet they have the audacity to have so much to say about you but only when you're 
not around.

If you have a problem with me, or with how I act, or with the things that I say, 
with whatever I'm doing that's probably going against your "ideals", 
I would appreciate it if you came to me and confronted me about whatever I did 
that bothered you or whatever I'm doing that's bothering you. 
Especially if you're someone that I consider as my friend.

Have some respect. I think I deserve that kind of respect because not once did I fail
 to let anyone know, especially you, when I don't like what's been said or done. 
I think anyone can testify to my straightforwardness. And I know that it's very clear, 
especially to the ones who are close to me, that I despise plastic people.

This is revenge by the way. This is me getting back at you for what you 
did/what you're doing. I'm not gonna tell you straight up what I feel about you, 
how much I hate you for what you did. How much this so called friendship seems 
so fake to me now. I'm not gonna tell you shit. Since you like things like that, 
evidently, fine. Have it your way, plaster saint.

"Stay away from the blow dryer, Plastic melts!"

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