Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A girl named Jessica

Why do people always has to change? But is it really changing or they are just done pretending someone that is not them really? It makes me sad how people you treasure the most and spent time with would be gone in a snap. Like literally that fast. 

I have this friend named Jessica. I met her back when I was still studying Culinary Arts in AHA. A girl wearing her ponytail w matching purple headband. She wasn't originally my seatmate, but on the second week (if I'm not mistaken), we were officially seatmates and roommates. I stayed with her in a condo while finishing our course. She's from Taytay, very far from Makati that she had to rent a condo nearby. She has this little high-pitched voice that is sometimes annoying but most of the time funny. She loves coffee and late night snacks or trip to the coffee shop or convenience store. 

The reason why I started blogging about our story was, I was scanning pictures here in my laptop and upload it in FB. At first I wasn't that aware that almost all the pictures I had with my face was always either beside her or with her. She even made this cute edited photos w touchy captions. 

She loves shopping. Greenbelt has been our little therapy that time.

Posing like this was kind of normal for us.

We love doing and posing silly things out of boredom

This was during the time we were planning to move out of her condo.

and live in a bigger space. 


yeah, I know.. you like that. She's not hard to please, I mean.. little things makes her happy.

We both love hanging out at Seattle's best.

eating breakfast food even if it's 6pm already!

doing homework and free access wi-fi. :p

or just telling stories to laugh.

This was during our batch's party.
at first I thought she was this young, naive and boring person. An opposite personality compare to mine. But I was wrong, we were inseparable every time we were together. 

Shutter shade-ing at Bangkok, Thailand - my first out of the country trip w her

Needless to say, being with her makes me happy!

Definitely my drinking buddy!

at Starbucks, Salcedo.

Pier One, BF Homes

Blow Job shot at W Grill, Makati

Krocodile grill, Greenbelt.

She's not just a good friend to me but a good friend to others.

with Kaye and Jessica at Greenbelt.

Malcolm's w/ William

Our second at Capricciosa 

Second night out w her at Prince of Jaipur, The fort.

w our other friend, Angeli

There she met my friend,Kyle. :-)

At Pier One, Moa.

Getting Silly at Ascend, the Fort


at Laiya, BF Homes

Look who's behaving? :p

 At Pier One, The Fort

 Our bus on the way to Arnoma Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Here are some of her edited photos. 

All of these are just memories of good times, I can't really remember why we ended up like this. I remember I invited her to my wedding. She got married few months before my wedding day. Married to one of my husband's best friends. We both have 1 kid raising almost at the same age. I wonder if she ever thought of these things. I just thought it would have been more happier if we remain how we are before.

In Baguio. With her husband now, bryan - on left.

Tali, Batangas. Playing Poker.

Tali, Batangas.


Someone told me before.. "The only permanent in this world is Change". This quotation/saying makes me really sad. I consider me and Jessica the happiest friends that time where she never fails to make me happy while I protect her. Sometimes, you are not included to someone else's life which is pretty disappointing specially when you include them to yours. 

Although, things ended up like this... I still consider you one of my good memories. And honestly, things and times like those on the pictures I really miss. 

This was the yuckiest and funniest thing we've done. 

I don't seem to understand why it has to end up this way but..

I would like to remember you like this.


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