Friday, September 2, 2011

Family matters most!

I haven't blog anything about my past weeks yet and so here it is..

Last August 26, we, in Amici wento Ate Jona's post birthday celebration in Las Pinas. Of course we had food and drinks. What do you expect. LOL. That night's highlight was that in the middle of our drinking, someone from Ate Jona's Family went inside calling Andrei, my friend, and told him that his car got bumped by their neighbor's pick-up van. It's a Hilux if I'm not mistaken. His van was fine, no scratch or anything. But Andrei's adventure was like this

The one who've hit the car assured us that he'll shoulder everything. so no problem with that. :-)

The day after that night, I wasn't able to go to work until Sunday. Due to some stuffs. So anyway, I reported back to work, Monday, everything is just so weird and annoying. I don't wanna go blogging about my feeling at work but trust it's something you don't wanna hear cause it was just plain annoying non-sense stuff, to be honest. 

But let us go talk about the happiest part of my week. :-) yeah? After reporting to work after my 2 days absences, there I go again took a 2 days off. That was kinda funny. So anyway, I spent Tuesdays and Wednesday at Folks house. Ashley has no Gymboree class last Tuesday, which makes me wanted to cry for her cause I've seen her face, she was sad from disappointment. We went malling instead. :-)

Ashley loves Dog!!!

Kissing the stuffed dog.

hugging the hand

and hugging it real tight!

with my Baby and her friend, Gymbo. :p

with her papsy!

and mumsy over here!

bought ingredients actually at the grocery and I cooked Pesto and chicken parmesan for family that night. :)

Timezone w Ashley the next day!

She doesn't like it that much but yeah.. she's happy!

My little pilot :-)

Papsy's girls. 

ohh! I tried this wig, haha! Yucks. I don't like my hair short!

Neoprint. :-) I had it bluetoothed to my phone.

We miss Archie and Renz! It would have been more fun if we're complete! :-)

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