Monday, September 19, 2011

Family and Friends

How's you week so far?

Fambam & Errands

During my day off to work I make sure that I take the chance to run errands and do whatever I wanted/need to do. Did some stuffs for my catering this coming end of the month. After my errands, finally, I had my hair dyed and trimmed, finally!!!

And, grocery shopping! I love going to the grocery with Ashley and Archie. :-) 



So I've watched 'Friends with Benefits' already. It is more like the 'No Strings Attached' movie but I liked 'Friends with Benefits' more. Maybe because I like Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. Lol. The story is nice and I bet a lot of people can really relate on their story from the good benefits down to the consequences of being "friends with benefits". For me, personally, being friends with benefits is just bullshit. I mean, how could you do that thing (if you know what I'm saying) to someone you consider as your friend. I mean, it is really impossible not to fall in love. The good thing happened in the movie was, they both fell in love with each other. But what if things don't go that way? You'll get hurt, right? So for me, it's a bullshit thing to do. There would be a very few cases that it'll work but majority would ruin the friendship and break their heart.

Another movie I've watched is the 'Don't be afraid of the dark'. It is about the black wood and that creepy house with these tiny creepy little tooth fairies like that is waiting for the little girl's arrival for them to have her teeth. Katie Holmes played as her step-mother. The movie was so-so. I've watched it with my friends and we were like laughing and laughing even though the movie was suppose to be a horror one. I hate watching movies with a bunch of friends it ends up funny every time. Hahaha. But I love being with my friends so, there we compromise. :-)

Alcohol in my system

I got this message from Archie asking me to ask my friends to attend the Oktoberfest Kick-off.

The crowd was not that pleasing hahaha. But then, I can't do anything about it. We arrived late, the beers they're selling were warm and the people you passed by smells like they all bathe in beers. Cos it is Oktoberfest and that is how they do the thing. :-) So we decided to finish our beer in a cup. It's just a 10php per cup, anyway. Then there came the plan B.

Pier One in front of Worldtrade

"When you look at your life, the greatest happiness are with your Family & Friends"

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