Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween also known by Hallowe'en or All Hallows Eve, is an annual holiday observed around the world on October 30 or 31st, the night preceding All Saint's Day. Much like a festival honouring the dead.

Here in the Philippines, you can see masses' effort on dressing up in their cute, sexy and scary costumes. Both grown-ups and kids. Aside from dressing up, the typical activity done during this special holiday is the trick or treating. 

Halloween 2010 vs. Halloween 2011 - more like a 3 months old Ashley vs. 1 year and 3 months old.

2010- Didn't really dressed her up but she wore a bumble bee headband 
This year...
Night before her actual trick or treat, we tried out her bunny ears.

Her Pumpkin costume. She was supposed to wear this during her Halloween Parade in Hillsborough but then we got confused with the time and didn't get to join the parade. It's fine though. I don't want her wearing that costume at 1:30pm sweating and irritated. Hehehe. That costume was too thick and enclosed. She was cute with that pumpkin, for sure.

And so, she wore a Ballerina outfit for trick or treating. I love this outfit!  She was comfortable wearing that tutu. And look at her
treat bag - Hello Kitty! LOL.
Last 2010, Ashley has no idea what trick or treating is, she was just there staring and having an affair with her pacifier. Hahaha!
Such an innocent baby.

Who can tell me that time that the next trick or treat with Ashley will be like these

Walking and almost running under the heat. She was excited and thrilled! As if she knew what she was doing and as if I will allow her to eat all the candies she got from the houses. Hahaha! 
And so I told her to behave and gave me this pose. She learned that behave pose in Gymboree.

Her face when her Lolo carried her and she can't go down to walk nor run. Too funny!

Of course, it wouldn't be a trick or treat without giving treats to the kids. Ninang gave away candies to the kids every year and this year nangs gave popcorns along with the packed candies this year. 

Last year was like this...

And this year...

Ashley kinda helped out giving away treats to the kids. :-)

2010 decorations vs 2011


Here are some cute costumes and unique decorations from the houses I've seen and captured...
twins wearing a fairy costumes.

Here comes Spiderman!!!

Ashley as a Ballerina and Carmela as a Pirate
A walking iPhone Man! :D
Let us not forget Happy the "Supedog"

This house is a genius. They made up a life size Plants vs. Zombies game and gave away Taho as a prize.

We also celebrated Ninong Ben's birthday that night though his actual birthday is November 1st. 


And then went to Loyola Memorial Park, Marikina rhe next day.



When we were in the cemetery, GMA news approached our family and interviewed some and took a video.  The reporter even made us sing "happy birthday" to Ninong Ben. It was funny. We just ate and prayed. It was a little reunion. 

It was nice to pass by The Philippine Centre for St. Pio of Pietrelcina, Inc. after visiting cemetery. It really made me feel good and relieved. It is a non-stock and a non-profit organization. The church is very quiet which gives the atmosphere a solemn feel. I recommend people to go there and pray if ever you have things to ask. I prayed and held his hand not quite that long but part of my prayers were for him to help me to mold myself and be able to be worthy enough for the people surrounds me. 

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