Friday, December 9, 2011

something I made/wrote from the past

I was organizing my laptop and kinda deleting some files I don't need anymore. Then I found this.. I'll copy-paste na lang. Hahaha! I remember typing this back when it was Archie's first day at work, graveyard. And I'm a little too bored and trying to get a good night sleep. Anyway, here it is.. :)

Fact about me Day 1
HI. –Simple word I can’t say or I’d rather proclaim that I’m not used to say to whomever and wherever I am. I’m not that typical being who approaches first. Today is the first day/night –or whatever you may prefer to call it, I prefer to specify it as Archie’s (my husband) first day at work of the week in graveyard shift. Aside from the fact of being unapproachable shit, I am not use to sleeping alone. Whether it is with Archie or a friend or any of my family member, as long as I am staying alone in a room, I swear, I can’t sleep (not unless, I’m that sleepy). So anyway, I blogged about this new place inside BF homes before named, Cosa Nostra. Still the best air-conditioned place for me. Why? Who wants a bucket of beer paired with smoking in an air-conditioned place? So we decided to have a few drinks.. two bottles as planned, turned into 4 bottles. Still fine though. ;p We had San Mig Apple flavored beer –tasted like Cali Shandy if you know what I’m talking about,  assuming that it could help put me into a fast sleep. I end up typing this blog Ha Ha, not funny. We had Tanduay Ice afterwards, anyway.  I thought of blogging random facts I could discover for the next coming days of this week. Facts for day 1 : I am not an approachable person but I am not saying I’m snobbish, I cannot sleep alone, I am a self-proclaim frustrated blogger, I tasted San Mig Apple flavored beer today July 11, 2011 and I like my first bottle and the second was just a so-so. It has 3% alcohol fyi.
Archie just called and told me about a scheduled meeting in Wee nam kee tomorrow.
As I was typing I noticed my hands are abnormally dry. Or dry omit the “abnormally” word. I was expecting to have hands like this with all the cleaning and shit I did today. And last fact, I blog about things I just notice like how weird it can be. I cleaned 1 chiller and left the others unclean just so I could keep myself busy for the next lean days at work busy. 
I just set my phone’s alarm clock hoping I wouldn’t press “snooze” when it alarms. Opening shift, yes. I am also expecting danggit for breakfast by Rean and also expecting Pinakurat by Andrei. Ha Ha Ha. J
Good Morning! It is 12:00mn, seriously
There’s so much things also happened at my workplace which I prefer not to include in this blog. All I can say is that, I need to wear my complete uniform, report to work on time and anticipate what will happen next. Good Night, Folks! J

Day 2
“Look at us, running around, always rushed, always late. Is that what they call human race? But sometimes we slows down to fall pieces into place” – Switched
The moment I got up on our sofa after watching the movie “Switched”, I got my sleeping clothes. Fact#1: I wear over-sized t-shirt and boxers for sleeping. Prior tonight, my friend, Andrei and another from work Rean –the two I am with last night, was out at work earlier than scheduled. Tuesday’s original plan was to have dinner with god-knows-who people from work at Domino’s Pizza. Fact#2: I’ve never had Domino’s pizza my whole life yet. I was about to sana but didn’t pushed thru. Instead, Andrei and I went to Banahaw Healing Spa, BF Homes branch. He treated me for a massage. Head off to ruins afterwards and ate dinner. He had Creamy tuna garlic pasta while I ordered Spicy Spanish style pasta and we had deep fried snickers topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. More like the famous wicked oreo of Manila Polo Club. J Tastes good, knowing that the place wasn’t that nice at all. I bought 3 pirated dvds. Ha Ha Ha. ;p Switched, How did you know and Limitless. As I reached home, there my very adorable Ashley welcomed me with her Mamita. She’s growing a lot of teeth already. Fact#3: Ashley grows fast I can’t do anything to stop it. We picked up Mari from his swimming lessons and as soon as we reached home, I fed Ashley and put her to sleep. So there comes watching Switched.
And now I am feeling a bit sleepy. I am waiting for Archie to call me. Oh! I almost forgot, Archie had his interview at Wee Nam Kee restaurant just like I told you at Day 1. He is expecting a call back from WNK. I think they’ll discuss his rate first. A little bit higher than what he is having at his current job. I thought it goes that way, really.  He’s qualified, I’m confident about that – Fact#4. No doubt. I am really hoping that God provides us, especially him whatever he deserves. J

Fact about me Day 3
I stayed in bed sleeping until 1pm. waking up in an empty house, hungry. Mother and Ashley went grocery shopping Ashley’s Wowa and ate lunch there. Archie had bought something for his scooter. It was pass 1pm when Archie got back home and we had lunch. Every day I eat lunch like it’s an afternoon snack. It’s always late. –Fact#1. Seem like I get to feed myself right after I fed loads of strangers. We call them guests in our restaurant. Ha Ha Ha. My work goes like that and my body has to deal with it.
So now, I am listening to my make-me-feel-happy and chill playlist in iTunes (I listen to it as well while dressing up for work). There you can find my John Mayer. Ha Ha. Possessive like that. And also Colbie Calliat, Sugarland. Some from Samantha James and Jason Mraz. As I check on my twitter account (click here to follow), I then find out that #embassyforever is trending.  The Embassy Super Club that I have been clubbing and spending blurry yet fun nights and kinda summed up my whole adolescence. –Fact#2. It is where epic moments happen. Like it is where I met a bunch of people and had fun times with them even though I don’t get to know their names. Ha Ha Ha. And how could I forget spending nights with my closest friends, dancing and drinking our hearts out. But yeah, change is the only permanent in this world in can happen to anyone, anything and any time of the day.
So let us talk about changes in life.. is it a good thing? Does it help you mold as a better person? For me, a person needs to know how to accept changes in their lives and how to absorb and how to see the other good side of changing. It is not always both to hurt you and to disappoint you rather it makes you a better and stronger person than you are yesterday. I have been to a lot of changes –Fact#3. First and obviously I changed physically. Everyone does and will. No one should stop themselves from changing physically. We are human being and it is part of our life. Second, my surname changed. From Laboriante I am now a Pineda. So much hassle for my documents and even to the simplest two things – my email and signature. But then again, everyone will get married and will renew their documents and even their signature. My decision base has changed. It is not for me anymore but for my little cutesy family and especially to the little adorable one, Ashley.  And trust me, a lot more!
The secret key to change is acceptance and a little bit of contentment. J
Day 4
I just wanna stop blogging about Facts about me. Instead, let me tell what I did today. Fact#1 – HAHAHA, I know right. Anyway, I love sale! Today is the 2nd day or my rest days. Papa picked me up and Ashley to have lunch at Robinsons and to have my lost bag back at the same time. First, let me tell you how I lost my bag..well, I’m not pretty sure how it got stolen haha. So yeah, someone from the robinson’s admin office texted me a few days after I lost my bag, telling me to go to their office and bring 2 valid ids. To cut the story short, I got my bag back. My things inside are there except my money. (What do I expect, right?)
It’s mid-year freakin’ sale!!! Everything was 10-70% off. To tell you the truth, I wanted to get everything I want and see. But I only went home with 1 pair of beige ballet shoes from Liberte, an owl necklace and Lots of cute clips for Ashley. I was about to get that floral tube dress I like but it doesn’t fit me nicely so we had to part ways Ha Ha Ha! I had so much fun with my family. It would be more fun if Archie’s with us but he has work today.  Not to mention my happy tummy today! Always whenever I’m with the folks.
So there you have it. Doodles and Good night! J <3

~~It wasn't really finished but, hey, spare me I'm tired. HAHAHA.

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