Monday, December 12, 2011


Ever since my birthday (November 8), seems like everything happened so fast. I resigned, got a new job, assigned to work at Gaudi, Serendra, was transferred to Tapella, Makati when I felt at home already with the previous one. I go day by day without noticing that I couldn't catch up anymore. And now, It's almost Christmas and I haven't done Christmas shopping yet. I don't think I'll ever have time to go Christmas shopping. I got one day off a week which I prefer to spend by staying at home, resting and spending some quality time with my family. Everything was kind of a rush. I don't even think if I ever thought of these fully and finally. I mean, right now I am feeling so tired. I go to work early. Of course I have to wake up early to spend a little time with Ashley, bathe, dress-up and spend time sitting my ass of on a public vehicle just so I could go to work. It really sums up my time. Sooner it would be a month since I got into this new path. I haven't felt it to be so worth it as of now, but who knows... It's too early to judge.

And now I miss my old and still friends. We were so inseparable. I am too far to spend time with them. The good thing is, I get to spend more time now with my parents. I go to their house during my 4 hours break. I am hoping for it to be worth it.

So anyway, I'm not really complaining. I'm just weighing everything that is happening. I don't take down good opportunities. Never.

I'm keeping my fingers cross.

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