Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So really, what is up.

I've been so busy lately and will be ever since my new job. And being so busy that updating my blog is not a part of my routine. (sorry for that) I've been to Tapella for 2 months now. My work really sums up my time. I can get no exemption to this broken schedule. Sucks, right?

With my working schedule, I get to spend time with Ashley like this..
In the morning, I let her play or more like to mess up the room while I'm dressing up

Let her play even if she passed her bedtime. But not all the time.
Christmas and New Year has passed by... let's do a recap!

Christmas 2011
Daddy is a little sick last Christmas. 
We did a very rush Christmas shopping during the morning with Ashley. So Ashley get to choose her own toys she want. This is what she got..


Of course did the traditional gift giving. :)
Ashley wore her pink furry princess backpack right away and held her dora t-cup.

Nonetheless, the little kiddo obviously enjoyed her presents. :)

Amelie did the L-O-V-E dance by High5 while Ashley is trying to copy her.

Welcoming 2012
It was our first time to celebrate New Year's Eve in Bf homes. I got out from work at 10pm. Hehehe. Yeaahh, working on Holidays. What's new.
First picture for 2012 together. 

Our first picture together. Welcoming 2012 sleeping. <3

:) You know the drill. :)

I definitely welcomed 2012 with all good vibes I could get inside of my senses. Despite of all the things happened, I absolutely left 2011 happily and nourished. I have learned so much and experienced tons that I could use to make 2012 a lot better than 2011. 

I made a New Year's resolution.. hahaha. I'm keeping it to myself although I kinda posted it as my status on Facebook. 

That's it! :x
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