Sunday, January 22, 2012


Lately, I've noticed... I am feeling blue, irritated, busy thinking of random stuffs. Will feel temporary happiness and the feeling would go away in a minute or two.

I lost my mobile phone last week. I lost my money. I can't find my stuffs. I misplace everything. I do not know what is bothering me to act so cluttered. I would eat lots just so I could keep myself busy and happy. Goes home tired but not sleepy. Fuck that. Staying up late and regret it the next day just because I will feel like I haven't slept all my life cause of that staying up late.

Last night, I thought I am a Bipolar. Maybe. Hope not.

I want the beach..

I want candies!!!


Spend time with Ashley...

Foodtrip and quality time with Archie

good laugh with friends...

And of course, 
some me-time Alone.

That's it for now!
I felt good being kinda back blogging. 

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