Wednesday, August 3, 2011

look who's Tea Talking

Last August 2 was Andrei's (my friend for 3 years I guess) birthday. I was planning to get him something that he really like but  doesn't lasts long. You know what it is? FOOD. But to my disappointment, I wasn't not able to give him any presents. Hahaha. I was so busy and yes, tired preparing Ashley's birthday that I didn't reported to work last Monday cos I am not feeling well and so I can't go out of the house to go buy some.. WAIT I don't even need to explain why. HAHAHA. So I asked him for a tea date which happened to be a kanya-kanyang bayad system. Happy Birthday, Andrei. If you're reading. :-)

I was not blogging for his birthday anyway. Lol! So to continue, we had tea, obviously, at Tea Talk.

Had Toffee Milk Tea w/ Coffee Jelly! - The first time I went there I had Mixed berried w/ Passion fruit Popping boba. 
Unfortunately, I am with this creature. :-) Ha ha ha

We also had a few snack.. although it's past dinner time and we haven't had dinner yet.

Then Archie came at around 11:30pm and took this shot.

The place was so chill and free wi-fi. Woot! :-D Their teas were absolutely good and I can't wait to try every tea on their menu. 

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