Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Blues

How's everyone's Monday?

As usual it's off-peak at work. I was so tired looking for what to do. Few guest. Few workmates. Few sales.
It's always like this during Mondays. So usually, we do general cleaning every Monday. But today, we only cleaned the shit out of the chillers. That is it! I actually, I didn't joined the cleaning. My body was just still tired from weekend's work. Plus I've been having hot flashes lately or it's just our exhaust busted? Whatever it is, it doesn't feel good at all. Today's tip day. 15th it is :-)

Had Assam Tea Milk at Tea Talk again. One thing I've noticed about the staffs there. They looked buffed but bell full. Ha ha ha. It's like the 3 guys there has the same body built. Wala lang. I just noticed they got big tummy.

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