Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A's first formal class at Gymboree - Level 3

As you all know (let's pretend you guys know) Wednesday is my permanent day off. (why hello stalkers, yes, Wednesday it is) I requested to have it every Tuesday since Ashley's schedule at Gymboree is every Tuesday at 2pm. :-)

So last August 16, 2011 was her first formal class in Gymboree. The first ones were just a free trial class. Here are some photos taken during her class.

Today's lesson: Tunnel crawling.

The lesson for today is to teach them babies to crawl inside the tunnel. It is to develop their crawling skills and to also make them comfortable crawling or passing through small spaces. 

We arrived earlier than 2 o'clock in the afternoon just so Ashley could adjust to the place before having her class. Mommy Tip: Always arrived to a new place with your baby earlier than the scheduled time so that your baby can adjust to the place and feel comfortable afterwards.

Ashley having her Daddy around, exploring her classroom/play area.
After a few minutes her class starts. Here are some pictures. 

Ashley is so hyper. In this photo, she wanna get the tambourine of her teacher. :-) Ha Ha!
We started the class by singing the "Welcome song"

And now, It's Tunnel crawling time!!!

I'm so proud of her. She's not scared to try things and she easily follow instructions from her Teacher as if she understands everything. :-)

And here the babies were told to stay above the parachute while their Teacher blew some bubbles. :-)

She says "hi" to one of the mommies there. :-)

Playing waves with the parachute.

All in all, her first day was a success. They were not just taught how to play, how to climb and slide. Sooner Ashley will learn how to pack away her toys after playing and how to listen and follow instructions from grown-ups. :-) 

Side story:  After her class, we went grocery shopping and head off to Hillsborough for an early dinner for Kuya Gino and Ate Via before they leave for Singapore. I kinda helped Ate Farrah preparing the dinner. I'm so proud of Ate Farrah! She now knows how to cook. He He He. And not only that she cooks good food. Really yummy! :-)

c/o Ate Farrah

We had Greek Salad, Chicken roll-ups stuffed with cream cheese and basil (the works :p), Tomato rice pilaf and deconstructed Apple pie with butter oats crumble.

I know! YUMMY! :-)

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