Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ashley turns 1!!!

Time flies so fast that even my once little Ashley is now turning 1 year old without me noticing that it would be this fast. She can now stand and walk on her own. I can still remember my labor, agonizing every pain. That I have to call my anesthesiologist every 30 minutes to inject me some more anesthesia as the pain grows stronger rapidly. By the time I reached 10cm and is ready to push, I can barely remember details maybe because I was tired from labor or maybe because of the drugs I took and injected to me. All I can remember, after pushing for almost 30-minutes I heard for the first time, Ashley's cry and I was just so happy. I wasn't able to hold her right after my little baby got out of my womb. I fell asleep and got stitched. He he he. 

And now, looking back at her first few pictures, I realized how fast she's growing. Now that she has turned 1 year old, I made a deal with myself to exert effort preparing and stressing myself to make her birthday successful despite of my schedule at work and so here are the pictures. Enjoy! :-) 

Grocery shopping

We celebrated Ashley's 1st birthday last July 31st although her birthday really is on July 26th. 
At 4:00 in the afternoon we started the party. I'm not really blogging what we did in detail hence I'm posting pictures from the party. 

The Set-up

Table centerpiece were personally made by her creative Ninang Carms. Which by chance matched her Birthday Cake by Aggy's. Check out their Cakes and like them of facebook. Aggy's cakes & sweets.

A Princess' Crown Cake. Made of Vanilla Chiffon. :-)

Thanks Wowa Venus for the cupcakes & Ninang O for the loot bags!

Grace before meal is a Must!

We served our guests Taco Salad, Beef Taquitos, Beef Burittos, Chili Fried Chicken, Creamy Sausage Pasta with Corn and Cilantro.
A Make-your-own Tacos
Chocolate Fondue

For a Mexican Theme Party, Please feel free to contact Amigo's Taqueria - for party food take-out. Check out Menu and like Amigo's on Facebook. :-)

Pictures with the Family

Though it rained that day, we still manage to make fun times possible. My Baby is now 1! And I am in love with her. <3

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