Friday, August 12, 2011

Another day with Ashley.

August 11, 2011

So today was my day off to work and it only means.. FUN DAY WITH ASHLEY!!! :-)

We leave the house at around 1:30pm, went to Gymboree. As you all know.. Ashley just turned 1 year old and her Ninong Gino and Tita Via will enroll her to Gymboree as their gift to her. I am so thankful and excited! :-) We first inquired what class suits her age and we also asked for the schedules of the classes since my schedule was fixed already. 

On our way to Gymboree - biting the pig from famous mobile game, Angry Bird. 

With Wowa Venus. Walking to Gymboree - Ashley's seem to not like it being held while walking. Sucha pasaway already, He He!

Arrived Gymboree. - The Play Area


I know she'll love it in there very mucho :)

After a not-so-long conversation with  Teacher May, She recommend to Ashley the Music1 class scheduled tomorrow at 2pm. It's a free trial class. In that way we'll be able to see if this class will suit her interests at her age.

Arrived Alabang Town Center to get my salary. and Yes, I 'm still waiting for the replacement of my lost Cash Card from BDO. 

With my friend at work, July & her Ninong Andrei at Amici!

So that's it for now! :-)
I'll be blogging Ashley Day 1 at Gymboree.
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