Monday, July 25, 2011

I have to admit.. I am so stressed out on planning Ashley's 1st birthday. But I know it's gonna be worth it! I am seriously having a hard time to sleep cos every time I close my eyes and tries to sleep, my mind have these anticipations and desires for Ashley's birthday. The theme, the concept, the place, the food, what is she going to wear, what would be the perfect time, etc.

So finally, tomorrow is the day of her official birthday. I am taking her out and eat somewhere (I didn't plan anything for tomorrow, actually) and will have her 1st haircut. I am also thinking of getting her a tiara that perfectly fits her gown and party. Her celebration would be on Sunday. 

I am doing it simple, fun and memorable. An afternoon garden party (thanks to Ninang O's house) with a pica-pica style buffet and games. Her Daddy actually is planning to light up a japanese lantern but he didn't push through. I'm not sure why though. I know it'll be fun and memorable. It would be just between close family and closest friend. 

Time flies so fast, sometimes I thought I need to step up so that I could catch up. It's been a year since I had her and I am looking forward to be with her even when my grey-hair time come. I love her so much and I am dedicating everything I do for her. She's just wonderful, smart and witty. I can go on blogging how wonderful she is all night long. 

I can't imagine that this is Ashley inside my belly at my 3rd month pregnancy

This is Ashley when we brought her home. She's thin, 4lbs and so calm. 
This was her first month celebration. 
Her first sleepover at ninang o's house. At 1st month, she experienced sore ayes already.
But she is still this brave and happy baby.

I couldn't post more photos because I am saving them photos for her scrapbook. Yes, I am making her one. :-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY! I love you so much!!! :-)

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