Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A's first birthday in less than a month

This month of July, before it would end, I have then made already a plan for Ashley's birthday in black and white. Her theme would be a Princess Party where she'll dress up with something like these tutus/dresses

Girls Posh Little Tutus Chocolate Cupcakes Baby Birthday Tutu Dress

It's a garden princess party, I have to look for something cutesy but still comfortable for to wear. 

This actually was kind of hard to plan (still not final tho) cos I'm not having lots of kids as guest. But still I wanna serve finger foods/Pica-pica just like how babies/toddlers eat their food, right? Not gonna mention what exactly my menu is but it'll turn out like a brunch style. 

As for her cake, I want it to be castle-like. A pink, purple and satin white with an upside down cones like serves as the castle's roof with flags stick on top of it. that'll be nice, at least for me. Hahaha! 

How I wanted to personally make her her first birthday cake. Icing or fondant. I'll try, really. 

Her Invitation would have a "She's sweet, she's cute and so much fun, Our Princess Ashley is turning 1!" - I've seen that online, I just find it very Ashley. :-) 

I'm still planning for the games and loot bags. And also giveaways for some guests. :-) It so hard wanting to give her the best with a few time and busy schedule. Not to mention the budget!! :p

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