Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26, 2010

Had lunch in North park today, heard mass in Bene and had dinner in Little Quiapo. Though my wallet got stolen this noon, it was still a fun day with family especially with Ashley, nonetheless.

Ashley turned 1 year old today. Hooray!!! J First of, we headed to my workplace to get my salary then we ate lunch in North Park. We ordered Fookien Fried Rice, White Chicken, Sharksfin, Shanghai rolls and Plain Congee for Ashley. I also bought Hokkaido Milk tea with black pearls prior to lunchtime.
Side story: As we finished eating lunch, we, of course went out and walk around the mall going to where we parked our car. We stopped in Daiso store –an 88 store in ATC. In front of Daiso there’s this make-up selling store. As they went inside Daiso, I stayed outside and checks out the make-ups. I was about to get 2 shades of lipstick and a brown eyeliner gel only to find out that my wallet was nowhere to be found inside my sling bag. “Where the fuck is my wallet???” – Of course I didn’t say that out loud but in my mind instead. I went inside Daiso to check on Ashley’s bag thinking that maybe I put it in there. Ta dah! It wasn’t there! I told Archie (my husband) to rush down to North Park if somehow, maybe and I hope I left it there. It wasn’t there as well, the staffs told us. So there, I’ve lost my wallet. Nice timing huh?
After lunch, we were suppose to go to Ruins in BF Homes to have Archie’s phone fixed and then go to SM to buy some things for Ashley’s birthday, Ashley will have her first haircut and lastly, will hear mass in Bene. But instead, we went to Leo’s to have Ashley’s first haircut. She was so behave while having her haircut, maybe because she just woke up when we reached the place. We heard mass afterwards.
We ended the day by having dinner in Little Quiapo located in Bf homes. What can I say? It was still, nonetheless, a fun day with family and especially with Ashley.
                Happy first birthday, my little girl. I love you so much!!!

*pictures to follow. cant find my cable

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